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Farming takes a lot of time in the game, because some aspects of the game need you to have a large roster and a large roster takes a lot of time and resources to level up and equip with talismans and skill shards. We'll go over some of the most common recipes for efficient farming and the best locations to farm.

Castle in the sand

The sands of time economy is important here. You (re)gain sands of time at the rate of 1 every 5 minutes, so if you start at 0, you will need 6.66 hours to fill up 80 sands. With the latest update bringing your max to 120, it's now 10 hours to fill up.

You theoretically can use 288 sands per day, much more likely 240 if you need to sleep or work sometimes...

Daily farmers like myself used to need three game sessions per day, now we can go by with only two, which helps with social interactions ;-)

So here's a small rundown of the numbers of run per level, based on our given SOT amounts

Level (cost) 80 SoT 120 SoT 240 Sot
Powerslave (4) 20 runs 30 runs 60 runs
Number of The Beast (5) 16 24 48
Lord of Flies (8) 10 15 30
Lord of Light X (8) 10 15 30
Brave New World X (10) 8 12 24

 As you can see, farming anything costing more than Number of the Beast (ie : 6 or more) does not allow you to play all your daily troopers without using them in skull quests, or spending ironite on Sands, so beware.

2.1.0 Farming for Resources »« 1.7.0 Unlocking Skull Quests