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Talisman Leveling

To level up a talisman set to 5* and level 50, you will also need substantial resources. Evolving from 4* to 5* will require the talisman be at level 40, takes 65,000 gold, 9 of the 3* colorless Evo runes, and 6 of the 3* evo runes.

We've already covered gold farming in a previous chapter, so now we'll move on to the XP and Evo runes.

  • XP shards and colored Evo runes drop in Brave New World - just match up the colors to get the ones you need
  • XP Shards and colorless EVO runes drop in BNW and higher levels of cosmos (battlefield, underworld)

Once again, you have a choice. Cosmos takes fewer Sands of Time, but BNW gives out more XP shards than the cosmos levels. BNW is also the only place to get the 3* colored EVO runes, so you will need to farm BNW for those regardless.

Same story after the last ressource update. If You can reliably farm Night City, you will get huge amounts of XP shards there, but only for some classes (warrior and assassin). 

This is real handy, but can be costly (in gold) if you need to level magus, sentinel or gunner talismans.

2.2.0 Farming for Characters »« 2.1.2 Character Leveling (XP Farming)