Welcome, Trooper!

A site for Legacy of the Beast Gamers, by Legacy of the Beast Gamers.

Our Concept

This is a site built by fans of Iron Maiden's mobile Legacy of the Beast game and is not associated with Iron Maiden, Nodding Frog, Navigator Games or Legacy of the Beast. This is essentially being built because a few players have requested certain files / lists and this makes it easier to find, share and collaborate. Also, I have an innate curiosity about the data behind the game and this has made many things clearer.

Current Status

Character Index

We have built an index of many of the characters in the game (currently there are 565 in our database) and are working to include all the characters in the game as well as stats for all characters at max level. Let us know if you spot someone missing.

Character Index

My Team

Track your roster's completion and select only available characters when looking for abilities to complete missions. Just create an account and view the "Missing" link. From there, you can click + to add a character to your roster.

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Ability List

Finding abilities for missions shouldn't be as difficult as it has been. We intend to make that easier by compiling a complete list of character abilities that is searchable. If you spot any ommissions, just let me know in one of the facebook groups.

Skills Index

Player's Guide

We have started to include strategy guides for beginners, intermediate, and some advanced setups. This will be an ongoing project as the list of available characters and current meta is an ever evolving "Beast".

Player Guide

Resource Locator

Not sure where to find the right evo materials? We've got a full list of where to find materials and resources put together to help even the seasoned player play more efficiently.

Resource Locator

Enemy Finder

Many of the Missions require finding a certain character to attack. We are building a list of every spot you can find each enemy to attack, including quantities, to make the missions easier for new players to complete. Just find the character and see the levels it is found as an enemy.

Find Enemies

Future Plans

Character Builder

We also intend to incorporate the Character Builder concept, so you can see what the final build numbers would be of any character simply by choosing the character and which talismans you intend to use.

Build Suggestions

The most frequently asked question online is "What talismans do you suggest for ___ character?" We intend to provide a few sample builds on the most popular characters and reasons for choosing one set of talismans over another.