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Farming for Talismans

Farming for talismans seems tedious at first, and very tedious later. Getting the specific talisman in the variety desired isn't easy and can take a lot of trial and error. However, knowing where to look is much of the battle. If you open up the map for any of the worlds, simply tapping the "Rewards" button will quickly show you what's available.

  • Basic talismans, such as strength, holy and health may be found in Ailing Kingdom
  • Iron, warp and ivory are available in Kingdom of the Sands.
  • Shock, burning and Blind are available in Battlefield
  • Boost, Thief, Assassin and Void talismans are available in Underworld
  • Flash, Nightmare and Ruin are available in Night City. Madness difficulty gives out 4* talismans, they are good to avoid the early evolution costs or selling for gold (Flash and Nightmare 4* sell for 60K).
  • Advantage, Boost, Health, Guard, Quake, Zone, Immunity, Chance, Shell, and Ascension talismans are available in Garden of Life - pay attention to the levels, though
  • Life, Resistance, Holy, Cyclone, Comet, Lightning, Immortal, Vampiric, Enduring, and Resilience talismans are available in Garden of Dismay - pay attention to levels
  • Explosive, Iron, Echo, Rage, Meteor, Strike and Strength talismans are available in Garden of Fear - pay attention to levels
  • Satellite 15 and Skull Quests provide some basic talismans, satellite is free, so grab them, and skull quests can always give out nice additional rewards (like skill shards), so they should be part of your daily routine.
  • Events have been known to have talismans as rewards from time to time
  • Stores also are homes to some powerful talismans
  • Random ones will pop up in the specials store, either for cash or fragments of souls
  • The frontier store is home to Redemption, Avenger, Sacrificial, Serenity and Mark talismans
  • The Trooper store is home to Steel, Titan, Force and Trap talismans
  • The Arena store plays host to Necropolis, Soul, Power, Angel, Shadow, Hunter, Predator, True, Purge and Fate talismans
  • Trooper talismans and Reaper Talismans now drop from their respective Frontier dungeons, so that's also an option.
  • Gauntlet typically has rewards with talismans at the end of each 2 week session as well, but hose that are available rotate each time

Keeping track of where to get each talisman type can be confusing, so don't feel bad if you need to ask another player or refer to one of the guides.

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