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Finding gold is easy. Getting huge amounts quickly is hard.

The Gold and Souls skull quests give daily amounts that are not negligible. Unlock them as quickly as you can and play them daily. The lowest level of the three gives 10,000 gold daily, 100,000 for the second one, and just over 250,000 gold for the hardest of the three. The third one requires beating Night City and collecting all of the skulls available there, though. This is really a high level goal that will take months / years to accomplish.

Depending on where you are in the game, autoplaying the highest level you can reliably beat is fine. However, a few details need mentioned:

  • The boss levels give out more gold than the base levels
  • Powerslave (Kingdom of the Sands final boss level) is a milestone - it only costs 4 Sands per run, so more runs can be made for the same amount of sands vs Battlefield or Underworld and can give decent rewards
  • A Matter of Life and Death (Battlefield final boss level) is a milestone as well, but for 5 Sands you'll see higher level rewards than Powerslave
  • Number of the Beast (NotB, Underworld final boss level) is the final milestone for gold farming and also gives great XP / Evo resources. If you cant reliably pass the Beast, see the next bullet
  • Game Of Death (Underworld, level just before NotB), is quicker to run than NotB, gives similar resource drops, but slightly less gold. If you're impatient, this one can be a great compromise
  • Use your troopers daily and grab precious souls from the trooper store to possibly get golden idols to sell for larger amounts of gold (50,000, 300,000 or even 1,000,000)

The recent update changed those numbers by increasing the gold output for the Night City levels, which previously were insufficient to consider as a good option. Now the story has changed.

To understand those changes it is necessary to say that the gold output at the end of each level is based on the number and toughness of ennemies you faced. Hence, short levels (1-3 enemy waves) output less gold than long levels (5 enemy waves).

  • Each night city level now drops additional gold in the chest appearing after you win
  • This gold makes Night City the best place to farm for gold, period
  • Madness levels will give out a minimum of 18K gold per run, at 8 sands of time per run, this means the previous standard load (80 SOT) gives 180K (160K for NoTB, 150K for Powerslave) meaning even the first level of night city madness beats all other worlds.
  • With the increase in SoT limit, 120 SoT allows you to get over 300K from Lord of the Flies (the last boss level)
  • NC madness also drops 4* talismans, the green ones sell for 10K each, but the yellow/purple ones go for a whooping 60K a piece, increasing your gold as soon as you don't need them anymore

So to sum up those chances here are the best gold farming locations depending on your farming teams capacity to win each level

  • Night City rules, if you can, farm it, chances are you also have the gold and souls vault, making your farming output over 1 million per day.
  • If Night City has you beat (for the moment), get gold from either NotB (if you need strong evo runes) or Powerslave. Output is 5-600K per day.


2.1.2 Character Leveling (XP Farming) »« 2.1.0 Farming for Resources