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Understanding Ironite Economy

Ironite is one of the game's currency, and probably one of the most important as it allows you to keep playing by buying sands. Here are some thoughts on ironite and why you really should think about it before using it.

  • You will get a lot of ironite in the game at the beginning, but the flow will dwindle. This is because much of the free ironite comes from achievements that are one time only. Save it up as much as you can early and it'll pay dividends down the road when you've reached the maximum player level.
  • Never buy an event soul with ironite unless you know exactly what you're paying for (i.e. when there are extra bonuses from opening those souls). Opening that soul and getting a pretty common 3* character has infuriated many players and led them to quitting the game.
  • You can gain small amounts of ironite daily through the daily achievements and the skull quests. Minute amounts will also drop when you play levels, but this is slow and drops inconsistently.
  • With the latest updates, the amount of ironite you can gain daily is increased, as skull quests drops are more frequent, and on good days, you could get 100 or more. If this sounds like slow progress, it is. This is why we're stressing the importance of saving it early.
  • Ironite is very quickly spent. Always compare the options and invest it wisely. Do your research ahead of time, because once it's been spent, there's no getting it back quickly without laying out real cash.

1.7.0 Unlocking Skull Quests »« 1.5.0 Understanding Sacrifices