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Understanding Sacrifices

Sacrifice is what you will do with characters that you don't need. Repeat that. Characters that you DON'T NEED. Never sacrifice too much as you'll jeopardize the rest of your game play.

As a general rule, we recommend attempting to keep at least 1 of every character. As of the time of this writing, character slots may be expanded to hold 500 characters, so expanding those is more important than ever with the growing number of characters available in the game.

Sacrifices work in tiers. Each character you offer up for sacrifice gives an essence value. Those values get added up to determine the tier for the overall sacrifice.

If the total value reaches the minimum threshold for the tier, you will achieve that tier's rewards. If you are able to double it, you can get 2x the rewards. The actual wording from the devs is "Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you've exceeded the essence requirement. If you double the essence required for a tier, you'll be guaranteed to get double the rewards!"

Now, let's examine essence values. Each character has a base essence value that depends on the natural star rating. If you evolve the character before sacrifice, essence levels will go up, but not nearly as much as if you were to start with a character naturally at that higher level. However, each character can gain significant amounts of essence by leveling up within its star rating. Maxing a character within its star rating can give you up to 50% more essence, so this is often worthwhile.

Simply taking duplicate Eddies along in the extra slots or bringing allies along with a team strong enough not to need them is a great way to increase those rewards without any outlay of additional resources. More to come on this in the XP farming section.

We're not going to get into exact numbers, but here are some observations that we've made from our experiences with the game:

  • Eddies give out 25% more essence for a given star rating
  • Gunner / Assassin give out about 12.5% more
  • Gunner / Assassin Eddies get both boosts
  • Sacrificial hearts aren't real useful in the game but give great essence - sacrifice them just like the name says to
  • Try to just reach a tier or get to a multiplier (i.e. tier 2 is 500 essence, tier 3 is 2000, so by reaching 1001 you will get 2x tier 2 rewards)
  • One star characters can be grouped by 7 to reach the minimum tier
  • Two star characters need 9 to reach 300 essence (3x tier 1)
  • 3 star characters can be grouped by 9 to reach 1500 essence (3x tier 2) or 6 for 1000 (3x tier 2)
  • 4* characters give out at least 1800 essence (depending on class), so 5 will give out 9000 essence (tier 5), or level them up to stretch it to 20,000 (tier 6)
  • 5* characters give out a lot of essence, but you will will need at least 5 of them leveled up to reach a grand sacrifice (50,000 essence, tier 7)

Finally, sacrifice events give out additional rewards, so it's never a bad idea to keep your excess toons until the next sacrifice event. These typically happen monthly and often give great rewards in Skill Shards, extra souls, talismans, coins of some variety, or even event exclusive characters. Keep an eye on the events calendar in the news section of the game to get an idea how far away the next sacrifice event is.

Sacrifice values : 

Sacrifice Tiers:

Tier I Petty Sacrifice: 100 - 499 Essence* 
Tier II Meager Sacrifice: 500 - 1,999 Essence*
Tier III Strong Sacrifice: 2,000 - 5,999 Essence*
Tier IV Worthy Sacrifice: 6,000 - 8,999 Essence
Tier V Grand Sacrifice: 9,000 - 19,999 Essence*
Tier VI Exalted Sacrifice: 20,000 - 49,999 Essence*
Tier VII Ultimate Sacrifice: 50,000+ Essence

* gives you extra rewards if you double, triple or quadruple the minimum essence requirement.

Example: Tier I Minimum essence requirement is 100. 

With 100 essence you will receive 1 reward. 
If you double that number (200) you get 2 rewards
If you triple it (300) you get 3 rewards 
If you quadruple (400) you get 4 rewards. 

Every skill shard augments the essence value by 400


Warrior, Magus or Sentinel
  3* Ally 4* Ally 5* Ally 3* Eddie 4* Eddie 5* Eddie
Level 1 167 1,800 6,400 209 2,250 8,000
Max Level 240 2,400 8,000 300 3,000 10,000
Evolve once and Max 320 3,200   400 4,000  
Evolve twice and Max 400  


Gunner or Assassin
  3* Ally 4* Ally 5* Ally 3* Eddie 4* Eddie 5* Eddie
Level 1 188 2,025 7,200 235 2,530 9,000
Max Level 270 2,700 9,000 337 3,375 11,250
Evolve once and Max 360 3,600   450 4,500  
Evolve twice and Max 450  


Hearts (Obtained from precious souls)
Natural 1* Natural 3* Natural 5*
Level 1: 600 Level 1: 1,049 Level 1: 3,200
Level 20: 1000 Level 60: 1,500 Level 100: 4,000
5* Level 100: 1,400 5* Level 100: 1,900  

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