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Single-Target Damager

Class: Magus

HP: 9,773
ATK: 220
DEF: 737
MAGIC: 1,147
MR: 331


Convict currently stands number 182 overall in HP and number 31 in the Magus class.


Convict currently stands number 464 overall in ATK and number 90 in the Magus class.


Convict currently stands number 72 overall in magic and number 23 in the Magus class.


Convict currently stands number 234 overall in special and number 53 in the Magus class.

Key Skills & Abilities

SHIV(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals 3 hits of magic damage to the target.
• 25% Chance to inflict Fear for 2 turns on each hit.
• Damage dealt increases the higher the target’s ATK and SPECIAL stats.


• Remove Counterstrike and Revenge effects from all enemies.
• 60% Chance to gain Counterstrike and Revenge for self for 2 turns.
• Grant Regen to all allies for 1 turn.
• Instantly grant an Extra Turn to self and a random ally.