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The Count

Single-Target Damager

Class: Assassin

HP: 8,852
ATK: 1,823
DEF: 240
MAGIC: 911
MR: 533


The Count currently stands number 264 overall in HP and number 37 in the Assassin class.


The Count currently stands number 15 overall in ATK and number 5 in the Assassin class.


The Count currently stands number 197 overall in magic and number 59 in the Assassin class.


The Count currently stands number 44 overall in special and number 9 in the Assassin class.

Key Skills & Abilities

HEARTBREAK(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals 1 hit of physical damage and 1 hit of true damage to a single target.
• Removes Damage Type Invulnerability and Invincibility Effects from the target.
• 50% Chance to Sleep the target for 2 turns.
• 35% Chance for an Extra Turn.
• This attack does not wake targets that are asleep.


• Revive a random dead ally with full HP.
• Grant Counter Strike and Echo to all allies for 2 turns.
• Instantly grant an Extra Turn to self and revived ally.


Immune to Stun. Gains Revenge for the duration of battle. Grant a Damage Reduction Shield to each ally below 50% HP at the start of your turn for the duration of the battle.