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Single-Target Damager

Class: Warrior

HP: 9,751
ATK: 1,006
DEF: 628
MAGIC: 236
MR: 400


Banshee currently stands number 183 overall in HP and number 43 in the Warrior class.


Banshee currently stands number 155 overall in ATK and number 59 in the Warrior class.


Banshee currently stands number 350 overall in magic and number 38 in the Warrior class.


Banshee currently stands number 444 overall in special and number 102 in the Warrior class.

Key Skills & Abilities

CHAINSAW(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals 3 hits of physical damage to a single target.
• Inflict Bleed, Grievous Burn, and Perfect Corruption for 2 turns.
• 35% Chance to Extend the Duration of Negative Effects by 1 turn.
• Damage dealt increases based on your DEF.


• Heal all allies based on their ATK and DEF.
• Increase ATK and DEF of all allies for 2 turns.
• Lower ATK and DEF of all enemies for 2 turns.
• Instantly gain an Extra Turn.


Remove offensive effects from all enemies every turn. Gain a random Damage Invulnerability Effect if a Damage Reduction Shield is active at the start of your turn. Gain Perfect Immunity for the duration of battle.