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Single-Target Damager

Class: Assassin

HP: 10,902
ATK: 1,094
DEF: 436
MAGIC: 1,094
MR: 436


Musashi currently stands number 105 overall in HP and number 9 in the Assassin class.


Musashi currently stands number 116 overall in ATK and number 37 in the Assassin class.


Musashi currently stands number 93 overall in magic and number 28 in the Assassin class.


Musashi currently stands number 220 overall in special and number 34 in the Assassin class.

Key Skills & Abilities

UNENDING BLADE(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals one hit of physical damage and one hit of magic damage to a single target.
• Remove All Beneficial Effects, including Golden Effects from the target.
• 35% Chance to inflict Smite and Ignite on the target for 2 turns.
• Heal for a portion of your MAX HP.


• Deals one hit of physical damage and one hit of magic damage to all enemies.
• Cleanse negative effects, including Silver Effects, from all allies.
• Grant Perfect Hit, Life Steal, and Spell Vamp status to all allies for 2 turns.
• Instantly gain an Extra Turn.


Immune to all Silver Effects. Gain Ascension for 1 turn if Perfect Hit status is active at the start of your turn. No restrictions on Equippable Talismans.