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The Cannoneer

Negative Effect Caster

Class: Gunner

HP: 8,933
ATK: 816
DEF: 330
MAGIC: 816
MR: 330


The Cannoneer currently stands number 256 overall in HP and number 51 in the Gunner class.


The Cannoneer currently stands number 249 overall in ATK and number 43 in the Gunner class.


The Cannoneer currently stands number 238 overall in magic and number 39 in the Gunner class.


The Cannoneer currently stands number 122 overall in special and number 54 in the Gunner class.

Key Skills & Abilities

CANNON SHOT(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals random damage to either a single target OR all enemies.
• 50% Chance to inflict Crave and Heal Reduction status to the target for 2 turns.
• Heal self based on your SPECIAL stat.


• Deals 4 hits of random damage to random targets.
• 75% Chance to Seal for 2 turns or Stun for 1 turn each enemy hit.
• 25% Chance to Critically Strike on each hit.


Gain Sacrifice for the duration of the battle. Grants Perfect Immortality if Critical Strike status is present at the start of your turn. Sacrifice status full heals the team if the character dies with this effect active.