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NameClassRating (# only)Found In
Evo RuneGunner3*Garden of Life
Evo RuneWarrior1*Garden of Fear
Evo RuneMagus2*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneSentinel1*Garden of Life
Evo RuneSentinel3*Garden of Life
Evo RuneMagus3*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneSentinel2*Garden of Life
Evo RuneAssassin2*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneWarrior2*Garden of Fear
Evo RuneMagus1*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneWarrior3*Garden of Fear
Evo RuneGunner1*Garden of Life
Evo RuneAssassin1*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneAssassin3*Garden of Dismay
Evo RuneGunner2*Garden of Life
Evo Rune3*BNW Garden (any)
Evo Rune2*BNW Garden (any)
Evo Rune1*BNW Garden (any)
Evo ShardWarrior2*Warrior Lord of Light
Evo ShardWarrior3*Warrior Lord of Light