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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
1Wicker Man Isle2Book of SoulsNormal1554
2Wicker Man Isle4Burning BeastsMadness8230
3Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedMadness8244
4Wicker Man Isle2The AwakeningMadness8234
5Wicker Man Isle2Book of SoulsMadness4564
6Wicker Man Isle1Fallen StarMadness2754
7Wicker Man Isle7Shadow of the Wicker ManHard7324
8Wicker Man Isle6Blackened PrideHard4954
9Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoHard4934
10Wicker Man Isle4Twisted MindsHard3874
11Wicker Man Isle4Burning BeastsHard3714
12Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedHard3724
13Wicker Man Isle2The AwakeningHard3714
14Wicker Man Isle2Book of SoulsHard2064
15Wicker Man Isle1Fallen StarHard1234
16Wicker Man Isle6Shadow of the Wicker ManNormal3414
17Wicker Man Isle5Burning BeastsNormal2774
18Wicker Man Isle4Twisted MindsNormal2784
19Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedNormal2774
20Wicker Man Isle1Fallen StarNormal934