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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
41Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedHard3724
42Wicker Man Isle4Burning BeastsHard3714
43Wicker Man Isle4Twisted MindsHard3874
44Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoHard4934
45Wicker Man Isle6Blackened PrideHard4954
46Wicker Man Isle7Shadow of the Wicker ManHard7324
47Kingdom of the Sands4Garden of AsetNormal4514
48Wicker Man Isle2Book of SoulsMadness4564
49Wicker Man Isle2The AwakeningMadness8234
50Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedMadness8244
51Wicker Man Isle4Twisted MindsMadness16454
52Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoMadness16464
53Wicker Man Isle6Blackened PrideMadness16474
54Wicker Man Isle7Shadow of the Wicker ManMadness20134
55Kingdom of the Sands1Faces in the SandNormal3714
56Kingdom of the Sands1Barren SunNormal3704
57Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersNormal3704
58Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadNormal3704
59Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightNormal4944
60Kingdom of the Sands3BirdsongNormal4534