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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
81Battlefield1Silent CriesNormal8244
82Battlefield7Soulless MarchNormal21954
83Kingdom of the Sands4Strange BelieversHard10094
84Kingdom of the Sands4Strange BelieversMadness30184
85Kingdom of the Sands1The ApparitionsHard8234
86Kingdom of the Sands1The ApparitionsMadness24704
87Wicker Man Isle2The AwakeningHard3714
88Wicker Man Isle2The AwakeningMadness8234
89Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedNormal2774
90Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedHard3724
91Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedMadness8244
92Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoHard4934
93Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoMadness16464
94Battlefield4The Greater GoodNormal11014
95Battlefield2The Killing GroundNormal8254
96Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadNormal3704
97Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadHard10104
98Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadMadness24724
99Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsHard21964
100Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsMadness32924