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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
41Kingdom of the Sands8Ancient TongueHard21934
42Kingdom of the Sands8Crucible of PainHard20134
43Kingdom of the Sands8PowerslaveHard34764
44Kingdom of the Sands4Impending DisasterMadness32934
45Kingdom of the Sands7Unturned StoneMadness43934
46Kingdom of the Sands4Strange BelieversMadness30184
47Kingdom of the Sands8Crucible of PainMadness40264
48Kingdom of the Sands7Onward JourneyMadness40274
49Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsMadness32924
50Kingdom of the Sands7Foreign EarthMadness40264
51Kingdom of the Sands8Ancient TongueMadness43924
52Kingdom of the Sands6Winding LivesMadness43924
53Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadHard10104
54Kingdom of the Sands6Sands of TimeMadness32944
55Kingdom of the Sands6Cruel CharadeMadness32944
56Kingdom of the Sands1Faces in the SandNormal3714
57Kingdom of the Sands1Barren SunNormal3704
58Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersNormal3704
59Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadNormal3704
60Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightNormal4944