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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
81Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsHard21964
82Battlefield8Point of No ReturnNormal21964
83Battlefield5Cold Bloody WarNormal21964
84Kingdom of the Sands3Desert SkyMadness24684
85Kingdom of the Sands1The ApparitionsMadness24704
86Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersMadness24704
87Kingdom of the Sands2Blood and SandMadness24704
88Kingdom of the Sands1Faces in the SandMadness24714
89Kingdom of the Sands1Barren SunMadness24724
90Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadMadness24724
91Kingdom of the Sands4DeathcallMadness27464
92Kingdom of the Sands3BirdsongMadness30184
93Kingdom of the Sands4Strange BelieversMadness30184
94Battlefield8A Matter of Life and DeathNormal32914
95Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsMadness32924
96Kingdom of the Sands4Impending DisasterMadness32934
97Kingdom of the Sands6Sands of TimeMadness32944
98Kingdom of the Sands6Cruel CharadeMadness32944
99Kingdom of the Sands5Mortal LustMadness32954
100Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightMadness32974