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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
61Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsMadness32924
62Kingdom of the Sands5Garden of AsetMadness40284
63Kingdom of the Sands5Mortal LustMadness32954
64Battlefield5Heart of DarknessNormal20124
65Wicker Man Isle5Burning BeastsNormal2774
66Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoHard4934
67Kingdom of the Sands5Garden of AsetHard20114
68Kingdom of the Sands5Mortal LustHard21944
69Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsHard21964
70Battlefield5Combat RedNormal11004
71Battlefield5Cold Bloody WarNormal21964
72Kingdom of the Sands5Winding LivesNormal4944
73Kingdom of the Sands5Cruel CharadeNormal3724
74Kingdom of the Sands5Sands of TimeNormal3714
75Wicker Man Isle5The Evil That Men DoMadness16464
76Wicker Man Isle6Shadow of the Wicker ManNormal3414
77Wicker Man Isle6Blackened PrideHard4954
78Kingdom of the Sands6Winding LivesHard21934
79Kingdom of the Sands6Cruel CharadeHard16474
80Kingdom of the Sands6Sands of TimeHard17374