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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
21Wicker Man Isle4Burning BeastsHard3714
22Battlefield5Cold Bloody WarNormal21964
23Battlefield5Combat RedNormal11004
24Kingdom of the Sands8Crucible of PainHard20134
25Kingdom of the Sands8Crucible of PainMadness40264
26Kingdom of the Sands6Cruel CharadeHard16474
27Kingdom of the Sands5Cruel CharadeNormal3724
28Kingdom of the Sands6Cruel CharadeMadness32944
29Kingdom of the Sands4DeathcallHard9134
30Kingdom of the Sands4DeathcallMadness27464
31Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersHard8244
32Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersNormal3704
33Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersMadness24704
34Kingdom of the Sands3Desert SkyHard8254
35Kingdom of the Sands3Desert SkyMadness24684
36Battlefield3Different WorldNormal8254
37Battlefield2Dogs of WarNormal8244
38Battlefield8Eagle's NestNormal18274
39Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightNormal4944
40Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightHard11014