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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
21Kingdom of the Sands1Barren SunMadness24724
22Kingdom of the Sands1Faces in the SandMadness24714
23Kingdom of the Sands1The ApparitionsMadness24704
24Kingdom of the Sands2Blood and SandMadness24704
25Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersMadness24704
26Kingdom of the Sands3Desert SkyMadness24684
27Kingdom of the Sands5Tortured MindsHard21964
28Battlefield5Cold Bloody WarNormal21964
29Battlefield8Point of No ReturnNormal21964
30Battlefield6Fighting SpiritsNormal21954
31Battlefield7Soulless MarchNormal21954
32Battlefield7No VictoryNormal21954
33Kingdom of the Sands7Unturned StoneHard21954
34Battlefield7On Death's DoorNormal21944
35Kingdom of the Sands5Mortal LustHard21944
36Kingdom of the Sands6Winding LivesHard21934
37Battlefield6False AngelNormal21934
38Kingdom of the Sands8Ancient TongueHard21934
39Kingdom of the Sands7Onward JourneyHard20134
40Wicker Man Isle7Shadow of the Wicker ManMadness20134