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#WorldLocation NumberLevel NameDifficultyGold EarnedSands Of Time
1Kingdom of the Sands6PowerslaveNormal10444
2Kingdom of the Sands1Faces in the SandNormal3714
3Kingdom of the Sands1Barren SunNormal3704
4Kingdom of the Sands3Edge of DaylightNormal4944
5Kingdom of the Sands3BirdsongNormal4534
6Kingdom of the Sands2Desert RidersNormal3704
7Kingdom of the Sands2The NomadNormal3704
8Kingdom of the Sands5Sands of TimeNormal3714
9Kingdom of the Sands6Ancient TongueNormal4944
10Battlefield1Shell ShockedNormal8224
11Battlefield8A Matter of Life and DeathNormal32914
12Wicker Man Isle1Fallen StarNormal934
13Kingdom of the Sands4Mortal LustNormal4944
14Kingdom of the Sands5Cruel CharadeNormal3724
15Kingdom of the Sands5Winding LivesNormal4944
16Kingdom of the Sands4Garden of AsetNormal4514
17Wicker Man Isle6Shadow of the Wicker ManNormal3414
18Wicker Man Isle5Burning BeastsNormal2774
19Wicker Man Isle4Twisted MindsNormal2784
20Wicker Man Isle3The CorruptedNormal2774