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From time to time, there are special items that fall into this tab. It's always a good idea to look in the store every few days to see if any specials have changed. Few things need mentioning though.

The heroics soul packs are there, quite expensive, but whatever floats your boat...

There will be random character upgrade packs there, we don't recommend buying these as the value per ironite/dollar isn't worth it.

One particular set of packs here are the talisman upgrade pack. While not exactly cheap, it's one of those resources you might want to invest on in the early play. For a hefty price of ironite (675) you'll get several evo runes but most importantly 99 5* XP shards, allowing you to max up to 6 talismans. Once again this is a serious shortcut in the early game, but you'll find as you progress that those ressources can be acquired with a good farming plan, so we don't recommend them for the later game.

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