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Understanding the Character Cards

Characters are the basic building blocks of your attack and defensive teams, so understanding what their card is made up of is very important. You will see three different toon cards in the game.


The roster card is the most detailed as it is there that you will manage the character stats, skills and inventory. It is made of three tabs.

The first tab, showing your character stats, allows you to lock your character, assign it as your champion, level up or evolve. Base stats are shown apart from the additional stats provided by the character's talismans. The costs and means to level and evolve your character will be discussed under the farming chapter.


The second tab details your character skills. Each character has a base skill and a power skill. Power skills need power points to use. Eddies have additional base and power skills for each of tree time variants (past, present and future). Each character can also have a passive ability or another skill known as a fury attack. Passive abilities are always active, unless negated by another status or due to the passage of turns. Fury attacks need a full fury meter in order to be used. Long pressing a skill on this screen will show you a detailed description of how it works. Notice that each skill can depend on a number of stats, not always related with attacks. Here can also appear skills that your talismans provide, more on that later.


The third and final tab shows your character's talismans. Each character has a number of fixed color slots for talismans and a number of free slots. This limits the types of talismans you can put on a character. Each talisman shows a talisman card when pressed, but we will get into details on those cards later.


The team card appears by long pressing a character either in the character selection screen (before battles) or at the sacrifice pit. This card shows only basic information, but also allows you to look at the basic information of the enemy characters. Stats and hints at what an enemy is equipped with can be very precious.


The live card is obtained by long pressing a character during battle. It only provides basic information, but it shows what effects are currently buffing / debuffing the character. This is the first place to check if you're having trouble killing an enemy or don't know what a symbol above their head means.

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