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Arena works with two indicators, your rating (how strong you are) and your ranking (how high you place in the leaderboard)

Rating increases with points that are given with each win, be it on attack or defense. It will allow you to climb up the rewards ladder up to a point.

Beyond this point, your rating and ranking combined determine your rewards.

Arena resets once per week and rewards are given at that time

Arena advices : 

  • Your attack list is 10 players long, beat them and you'll get a new list
  • You can refresh the list for free once, it will cost ironite to go further without waiting and is not recommended until you know what you're doing
  • The higher you rank, the more iron coins per battle
  • You can retry an attack a few times (5?)
  • Arena can be attempted at any player level, just try your best toons
  • Look at the arena teams to get a feel of how to compose your attack team
  • You defense team is the first team you pit in defense, the second and third teams are ignored
  • Some players indulge in #singleed or Single eddie defense during events. This is a choice and should be done only if your ranking doesnt matter to you

10.2.0 Gauntlet »« 10.0.0 PVP