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Lilith Souls

Lillith souls come from fragments you earn through LOL events. You can also buy individual lillith souls from the frontier store, but these are inferior since they don't give you frontier coins back (though useful to complete a set).

Each true Lillith soul gives you 100 Frontier Coins when opened.

Lillith are a special range of 5* toons, one for each class, each one with it's use and quirks. Some are great for farming, other for PVP, here's a brief overview.

  • Warrior Lillith is one of the heaviest AOE hitter in the game. She also stuns those bearing 3 burns or more, making her a deadly combo with Beelzebub.
  • Magus Lillith is a good blocker, equip her with fortunes or destinies and keep your team alive.
  • Sentinel Lillith is the least useful IMHO (still gives sleep immunity, strips immunity with her basic, and revives the whole team with her power)
  • Gunner Lillith hits hard and AOE, steals beneficials and does additional damage to toons weraing gold buffs. She also prolongs buffs at battle start.
  • Assassin Lillith is a good reviver (passive) and AOE attacker that steals and gives immunity, her power can transform enemy buffs into timebombs.

Lilliths are a great asset, so having a full set is never a bad idea, and in the early stages of the game they are staples that will change most of your farming teams.

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