Rocket Dog

Negative Effect Caster

Class: Warrior

HP: 7,000
ATK: 914
DEF: 460
MAGIC: 230
MR: 232


Rocket Dog currently stands number 394 overall in HP and number 92 in the Warrior class.


Rocket Dog currently stands number 199 overall in ATK and number 71 in the Warrior class.


Rocket Dog currently stands number 399 overall in magic and number 62 in the Warrior class.


Rocket Dog currently stands number 165 overall in special and number 20 in the Warrior class.

Key Skills & Abilities

WAR MACHINE(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals physical damage to all enemies.
• 45% Chance to inflict Bleed for 2 turns.
• Bleed deals true damage over time with a chance to Heal Block every turn.


• Deals true damage to a single target.
• 45% Chance to Remove Beneficial Effects.
• 35% Chance to Stun for 2 turns.
• Instantly Gain an Extra Turn.
• Damage increases based on your MAX HP.


Grants Lifesteal status to all allies at the start of battle. Lifesteal heals you for 60% of the physical damage you deal.

Character Found as Enemy At: