Dark Lilith

Class: Assassin

HP: 9,609
ATK: 995
DEF: 817
MAGIC: 995
MR: 662


Dark Lilith currently stands number 198 overall in HP and number 21 in the Assassin class.


Dark Lilith currently stands number 160 overall in ATK and number 55 in the Assassin class.


Dark Lilith currently stands number 139 overall in magic and number 46 in the Assassin class.


Dark Lilith currently stands number 122 overall in special and number 19 in the Assassin class.

Key Skills & Abilities

CORRUPTION(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals one hit of physical, magic, and true damage to all enemies.
• Transform Invincibility effects into Perfect Corruption for 2 turns.
• Inflict Perfect Disable for 2 turns.


• Remove All Negative Effects, including Silver effects from all allies.
• 35% Chance to grant an Extra Turn to each ally.


Grant Immunity to Permadeath, Perfect Death, Block Beneficial, and Perfect Corruption to all allies. Deal 500% of a random enemy’s MAX HP as true damage and heal all allies to full HP when an ally dies. Remove all beneficial effects, including Golden Effects,inflict Punishment and Perfect Death for the duration of battle on all enemies, and Revive with full HP and a Perfect Titan Shield upon death.