Class: Assassin

HP: 12,794
ATK: 1,228
DEF: 430
MAGIC: 1,228
MR: 398


Werewolf currently stands number 46 overall in HP and number 2 in the Assassin class.


Werewolf currently stands number 78 overall in ATK and number 25 in the Assassin class.


Werewolf currently stands number 50 overall in magic and number 17 in the Assassin class.


Werewolf currently stands number 62 overall in special and number 12 in the Assassin class.

Key Skills & Abilities

SLUMBERING SWIPE(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals random damage to all enemies.
• 15% Chance to inflict Perfect Sleep on each enemy for 3 turns.
• Transform Shield effects on enemies into Bloodlust and Cleave for 2 turns before dealing damage.
• This attack does not wake targets inflicted with Sleep or Perfect Sleep.


• Deals 6 hits of random damage to a single target.
• 25% Chance to inflict Fear, Perfect Sleep, Perfect Corruption, or Perfect Bleed for 2 turns on each hit.
• 45% Chance to Lower MAX HP of the target by 10% each hit.
• This attack does not wake targets inflicted with Sleep or Perfect Sleep.


Remove Shroud, Perfect Immortality, and Soul Protect from enemies at the start of your turn and inflict Punishment on each enemy for 2 turns if an effect is removed. Permanently increase the ATK and MAGIC of each ally by 25% after each action. Heal self whenever damage is taken based off of Missing HP. 35% chance to Revenge enemies that attack an ally.