Party Reviver

Class: Assassin

HP: 8,056
ATK: 1,046
DEF: 331
MAGIC: 1,046
MR: 432


Anubis currently stands number 326 overall in HP and number 54 in the Assassin class.


Anubis currently stands number 138 overall in ATK and number 48 in the Assassin class.


Anubis currently stands number 114 overall in magic and number 38 in the Assassin class.


Anubis currently stands number 264 overall in special and number 46 in the Assassin class.

Key Skills & Abilities

IMMUTABLE(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals one hit of physical and magic damage to a single target.
• Inflict Heal Block on the target for 2 turns.
• 35% Chance to grant Perfect Accuracy to all allies for 1 turn.
• If Accuracy or Perfect Accuracy is already present, instantly Gain 3 Power and an Extra Turn and remove Perfect Accuracy from self.


• Deals one hit of physical and magic damage to all enemies.
• Remove Golden Effects from enemies, excluding Shroud, Soul Protect, and Perfect Immortality.
• Revive a random dead ally.
• Grant Damage Reflect Shield to all allies for 2 turns.
• Instantly grant an Extra Turn to self and one random ally for each target that is suffering from Heal Block.


Grants Immunity to Doom, Curse, and Permadeath to all allies. 50% Chance to remove Immunity from each enemy at the start of battle. Inflict ATK Down and MAGIC down on all enemies for 2 turns at the start of battle. Revive all allies upon death.