Derby Demon

Multiple Enemy Damager

Class: Gunner

HP: 9,436
ATK: 1,117
DEF: 394
MAGIC: 1,117
MR: 240


Derby Demon currently stands number 210 overall in HP and number 39 in the Gunner class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 112 overall in ATK and number 22 in the Gunner class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 88 overall in magic and number 19 in the Gunner class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 248 overall in special and number 75 in the Gunner class.

Key Skills & Abilities

NEMESIS(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals random damage to a single target.
• Remove Perfect Immunity and Revenge.
• 50% Chance to inflict Silence on the enemy for 2 turns.
• 50% Chance to inflict Disable Passive on the enemy for 1 turn.


• Deals random damage to all enemies.
• Inflict Blind on enemies for 2 turns.
• Grant Heal Shield to allies for 2 turns.
• Lower ATK and MAGIC of enemies for 2 turns.
• Instantly gain an Extra Turn.


Immune to True Damage. If Trap effect is not present at the start of your turn, Reduce the Fury of enemies, Remove Immunity, and Inflict Exhaust on a random enemy, then grant Trap to self for 2 turns.