Derby Demon

Party Healer

Class: Sentinel

HP: 9,966
ATK: 818
DEF: 398
MAGIC: 818
MR: 814


Derby Demon currently stands number 161 overall in HP and number 58 in the Sentinel class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 247 overall in ATK and number 31 in the Sentinel class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 235 overall in magic and number 34 in the Sentinel class.


Derby Demon currently stands number 370 overall in special and number 69 in the Sentinel class.

Key Skills & Abilities

BAT OF NAILS(Present Basic Attack)

• Deals true damage to a single target.
• Inflict Permadeath for 1 turn.
• Remove All Beneficial Effects including Golden Effects, except Perfect Health, Shroud, and Soul Protect, if the target’s HP is less than 60%.


• Grant Increased ATK and MAGIC to all allies for 2 turns.
• Inflict Time Bomb on all enemies for 2 turns.
• Instantly gain an Extra Turn.


Heal allies based on the number of beneficial effects, including Golden Effects, on each enemy and steal one beneficial effect from a random enemy every turn.